Karazin is an internationally oriented university brand. More than 130,000 university graduates and students have the honorary title of “Karazinite”. Karazin University is one of the largest scientific centers in Ukraine.


The University has its own attributes, which symbolize the unique spirit of students and contribute to self-identification of the University in the cultural, educational and scientific space. That is why we have created branded products of Karazin University with a unique design that will help you cherish your memories of the student life and show how proud you are to be a part of Karazin University.


The mission of SHOP.KARAZIN.UA is to promote Karazin University as a modern scientific, educational and cultural center, to help people identify with the University and leave a memory of it not only in your mind.


In order to do this, we have created comfortable clothes, unique utensils, original stationery, stylish eco-bags and interesting accessories with the University's corporate design, which are not inferior in quality to world-famous brands. Also, the range of SHOP.KARAZIN.UA includes a line of eco-friendly products that are completely safe for the environment.


Enjoy your shopping!

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